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Anti-Virus and Internet Security Solutions
Wireless Networking
Data Backup and Recovery
Troubleshoot and Repair
New Hardware Setup/Moving tearing down/Setup
Windows XP to Windows 7 Migration

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Residential Computer Repair
PC Computer RepairWhether you use your computer at home for education, information, or a break from your busy life, nothing is more frustrating than when it fails to work properly. Your computer should be reliable, dependable and secure from viruses, spyware and hackers. IhelpUpc is here to
help you keep it that way.

Are you having problems keeping your system running properly? Or maybe it’s time to upgrade that old dial-up modem. Our experts have the right tools to assist you no matter what you need.

Here are some benefits that IhelpUpc has to offer:

  • Free PC Pick-Up and Delivery – arrange a time that’s convenient for you and we’ll pick your computer up and drop it off at no extra cost
  • Quality Spyware and Virus Removal – we will work with you to remove viruses from your computer
  • Professional Network Setup Services – when your PC is running well and you just need help with home network solutions, we’re here to serve your needs

No matter what your needs are,  IhelpUpc can put together a sound solution that fits your budget and keeps your computers running smoothly. Call or click today to find out more about our residential computer repair services for South Orange County.