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Anti-Virus and Internet Security Solutions - Starting at $50.00

As computers and computer software have become more sophisticated, so too have computer viruses, worms andspyware. Despite improvements in anti-virus and anti-malware software, identity theft and hackers pose a greater threat than ever.

Unless your computer and network security are completely up-to-date, security compromises are highly likely. This is especially true when several members of the same household are using social networking sites.However, some security problems may be no-one's fault. For example, a hacked computer from one of your children's friends or from a business associate may provide a portal to your email addresses, credit card numbers or other disturbing pieces of information such as addresses and family photos. It is wise to periodically make sure your computer is "clean."

In addition, people sometimes feel that an out-of-date anti-virus or anti-malware program is "just fine" because theirsoftware has not shown anything to be wrong. They fail to realize that as viruses, worms or other types of "bad ware" have been developed that may be beyond the capability of an outdated security system to recognize them.

A security lapse, even for a few days or even a few hours, is more than enough to compromise your computer's defenses. A security lapse may potentially affect the entire network.

Wireless Networking - Starting at $60.00

There has been a dramatic shift in the way residences and small businesses interconnect computers within relatively close areas. It’s not just computer to computer through a central signal any longer, but can include hand-held tablet computers to home entertainment centers or security systems; several computers to printers or copiers or even computers to home lighting or music.

The network that allows wireless internet interconnectivity within a local area, or "LAN," takes advantage of a wireless router or wireless access point.

While the wireless interconnectivity technology offers an amazing array of technical solutions to everyday problems, it is not fool-proof and may require expertise in its set-up and trouble-shooting.

Sometimes the solution to a wireless problem might be quite simple, such as proper router placement or the use of a more sophisticated antenna in association with your computer, while at other times it may call for the placement of wireless repeaters or manipulation of the channel.

Data Backup and Recovery - Starting at $50.00 (set up only)

The backup and recovery of data has come a long way in the past few years. It is no longer necessary for residences or small business to use manual methods such as saving data to a removable flash memory device or "memory sticks." Those devices, in and of themselves can be lost or destroyed.

The latest technologies for small businesses data storage include what is commonly known as "Cloud Computing." It is a worry free solution to data backup and storage. Taking advantage of LAN technology or conventional internet connections, it is possible to send data to a public “cloud” where data can be stored efficiently, cheaply and most important of all, with great safety and privacy. In the event of a temporary loss of data such as computer crash, data can be recovered from the remote "cloud site" with ease.

There are also hybrid solutions that combine cloud computing with an on-site server situation for somewhat more sophisticated systems.

Troubleshoot and Repair - $40.00 Per Hour

Many of the so-called "Big Box Stores" that sell office supplies now have sales people with limited training who double as computer repair technicians.

Often the technicians will run through a typical set of software diagnostics that may or may not lead to a favorable outcome. If the outcome is unfavorable they may suggest a computer repair store that will waste even more of your precious time or they might make a recommendation that points you in the direction of a new computer.

Other retail outlets that have dedicated repair centers often send your computer to a central repair location that is often far (out of state) from the store that you brought your computer to. Not only do you run the risk of having your computer and data lost in the mail, but these repairs are typically expensive and may again lead to a recommendation to purchase a new computer.

I can often diagnose your problem and then rectify the problem remotely (without your computer leaving your sight). In having this capability, I can often fix the problem while you sit at your desk. I will also come to your home or office should the problem require a more hands-on solution. I can often service your computer on the day you call, and that includes weekends and evenings.

New Hardware Setup/Moving tearing down/Setup - $40.00 Per Hour

If you are moving into a new home, I can help you with your computer equipment. I can prepare your computer hardware for the move and then unpack and set it up in your new home. I can also help you purchase and setup new equipment suchas a printer or scanner, a new wireless router, or a whole new computer.

Windows XP to Windows 7 Migration - Starting at $180.00

Windows XP support officially ended on April 8, 2014. Any XP machines left on your network will expose you to tremendous security risk and escalating costs. Switching to Windows 7 or Windows 8 is the only way to continue receivingthe latest security updates and support from Microsoft®. I can help make your transition rapid, easy and hassle free.